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In the old days, people used to call cardinal directions by names of winds, which is why the northern part of the island of Cres was known as “Tramuntana”, after the tramontane wind. This part of the island is quite unusual and different from the rest of Cres. It is full of dramatic contrasts and, because of its isolation, could be described as being “frozen in time”. Beyond the steep and mostly inaccessible shores rises the vast plateau with its ancient indigenous forests of oak, hornbeam and chestnut trees interspersed by idyllic valleys and crumbling villages. The great and underexplored abundance of flora and fauna, several only recently discovered pit caves and caves, and numerous unexplored archaeological sites all suggest that the magical world of Tramuntana still holds many secrets.

  • 9 km
  • 405 m
  • HIGHEST POINT: 308 m
  • LOWEST POINT : 0 m
  • DIFFICULTY: 6/10
  • DURATION: 4 h









KONAC (Konec)

The shepherds’ dwelling belonging to the Cres noble families of Moise and Petris, built at the “end” (Croatian for “konac”) of the island, dates way back, as evidenced by its inclusion on maps from as early as the end of the 17th century, as well as the large central fireplace at the first floor of the “palace”, or the owner’s house. The smaller houses were inhabited by the estate manager (locally known as the “bravar”) and the shepherds with their families. An important source of income, besides sheep farming, was felling of trees, which were then exported to Venice. On the hill north of the shepherds’ dwelling stands a military watchtower offering a great view of the Bay of Rijeka.

KOSMAČEV (Kosmačef) 

The largest pond in Tramuntana never dries up, and during the wet season it reaches the size of a small lake (70×30 m). It was most likely named after the lush vegetation surrounding it (kosmato = bushy, rich, fertile). It is a veritable biodiversity reservoir, providing a home to numerous species of dragonflies, butterflies, frogs and reptiles, whereas several of the 43 species of orchids growing on the island of Cres can be found in the surrounding glades. They are best observed through a camera lens because of their small size and strictly protected status.


The largest of the 5 “land-art” labyrinths in Tramuntana was modelled after the one found in Pula and is dedicated to Lada, the old Croatian deity of spring and youth. Despite of the large number of churches scattered across Tramuntana, the old gods were still worshipped, passed through the ages as folklore. A part of this world can be experienced on the “red” eco-trail “History and art in nature”, organised in 1995 by the Caput Insulae Eco Centre – Beli 

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Great walk. Beautiful island and well marked trails. Highly recommended.
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Me and my family walked the whole route twice on our vacation. That says a lot!
John @johnny
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Lovely scenery. Cave Čampari was the highlight of the walk. Headlamps are a must!


• Via Apsyrtides trail system is intended for experienced mountain climbers and recreationists. The trails provide a basic level of walkability, without additional measures of safety and protection. Use these trails at your own risk!
• Rugged landscape and climatic conditions of the island can be challenging. Assess your fitness level well and wear appropriate footwear and clothing!
• Water availability in some villages is limited. Carry enough water with you!
• Your responsibility is to follow the laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia related to nature protection, accommodation and respect for other people's property.
• Leave only footprints, take only memories! Dispose of garbage in the villages, in designated areas. Do not collect wild plants and do not disturb animals you come across! Keep the gates closed behind you!
• You are in an area of high wildfire risk. Lighting open fires is strictly forbidden!

• Water: You will find the nearest drinking water in the village of Beli, on Pri Crekvah Square. 
• Shop: In the village of Beli there is a grocery store Pod Beli. The store is closed in winter and opens in June. 
• Coffee shop: The nearest cafe bar Pod Beli is located in the village of Beli, closed in the winter months and opens in June. You can also have a coffee at the Tramuntana Pension. 
• Restaurant: Pansion Tramuntana in village of Beli. 
• Pharmacy: The closest in the town of Cres. 
• Doctor: The closest in the town of Cres. 
• ATM: The closest in the town of Cres. 

Mind the strong Bura wind, especially in winter and pay attention to:

  • ticks
  • scorpions
  • wild animals (wild boar)
  • heat


  • GPS
  • water
  • waterfilter
  • mobile phone
  • headlamp

Take the D100 state road and at Križić intersection turn for the road leading to the Beli village, park your vehicle at the public parking at the entrance to the village and begin your hike. 
Take the D100 state road and at the intersection turn to the road leading to the Predošćica village, park your vehicle at the entrance to the village and begin your hike. 

DD 45.11449, 14.34996 
UTM 448869.04, 4995874.43, 33T 
DMS 45° 6' 52.164", 14° 20' 59.856"  

DD 45.04708, 14.36753 
UTM 450192.53, 4988374.96, 33T 
DMS 45° 2' 49.488", 14° 22' 3.108"